August Newsletter


It was July of 2004 when a young child was found in a trash pile outside Hope Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti. This desperate mother was not desiring to hurt her child, but she was in a land of extreme poverty, and she knew our workers would find this beautiful little girl and give her HOPE. We cherished this precious gift, who would never know her biological mother. We named her Melissa, and today she is a beautiful teenager who is a dedicated Christian, and her life is filled with promise for the future. Some of you have followed the life of this young child, and we are thankful for it. Along with other children, numbering in the hundreds throughout the years, you have provided divine love by way of food, clothing, shelter, education, and much, much more. It is estimated that 1 in 5 children in Haiti will not reach their 5th Birthday. Do pray for this precious mother who has always remained unknown to us, and that someday she will let us know the complete story. A great part of Rev. Manning’s life has been shared with Haiti’s pain, suffering, and joy. July the 27th, I will commence my 90th year. And I hope it will be the best one ever as I serve the Lord.

Your investment reaps eternal values… We wish to thank each of our sponsors for investing in the lives of orphans and schools in
Haiti. so that they may have an opportunity at health, happiness, and joy in the Lord. We feel that the total man is being served: soul, spirit, and body. I wish to encourage you to come on board with us, and if you so doing at the present time – to continue as we are making a great difference in the lives of all of the orphanages and schools that we support. On a spiritual plane, hundreds of children are not only coming to know Jesus but to know Him as their all-in-all. Looking Ahead… Christmas is Coming! Christmas is always a special time for the hundreds and even thousands of orphan children which we serve in Haiti. 53 years ago, Mary Manning started our “Christmas Dinners for Orphans, Widows, and Street Children”. Though she has passed, we wish to continue to honor this tradition which she held so dear. serving a special hot meal, a Christmas Program and Party for children of all ages. These gatherings are held in several parts of the Island Nation and is always a highlight of many of the orphans year. This year, we are asking for people like you to get involved by helping make special Christmas Gift Boxes for the upcoming season! All gifts for the orphans are placed in shoe boxes containing a variety of items, such as combs, toothbrush and paste, soap, toys, pencils and crayons, candy, your photo or a note of love from a child of the donor… Our Christmas Container will depart from Topeka on October 15th, so that it arrives in Haiti just in time for Christmas. Please mark your Christmas gift box as Boy or Girl and Age Group. We are prepared to receive your box at this time. Many times a Sunday School class, youth group, or Women’s group would prepare several boxes, which is a great blessing. If we may assist you with additional suggestions, feel free to call our office (785)232-2992, or write us at:

PO Box 161, Topeka KS 66601.

REMEMBER… These precious children have no father or mother to care for them. By your sharing of food, clothing, and toys – we help them remember that there are people who do care for them. Prayerfully consider what to do. Precious Children at Hope Orphanage A wonderful meal at Delmas 65 Children’s Home Another Container on its Way to Help the Less Fortunate! July 18th was a memorable event! As Global Missions Ministries, under the leadership of Rev. Manning and the wonderful helpers that came to our aide from private individuals and the Topeka Rescue Mission, began to load a huge 40 foot Container full of food, clothing, shoes, bedding, toys, and enough Church Pews to serve 2 congregations who have not had seating
since we built those churches. These weary and wonderful saints will, at last, have beautiful, factory-made pews, which were donated to us. We look forward to its soon arrival in Haiti.

Your friend, Always
Rev. Max Manning – Director