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December Newsletter

Christmas Container Arriving in Haiti! Just in time for our traditional Christmas Dinners for Orphans, Widows, and Street Children will be held through December and January. Our Haitian helpers are now making full preparations to serve several thousand Orphans, Widows, and Street Children – in what would be our 53rd Annual Christmas Celebrations. Many of you know my late wife, Mary started this outreach all those years ago. She had a real burden for the children. And I want to continue to

November Newsletter

God is Our Sufficiency! To me, it is both exciting and amazing that such a small, though efficient, missions organization has been able to dis- patch a total of 10 forty foot high cube humanitarian containers, which are loaded with a variety of life-saving goods, including food, clothing, bedding, and medical equipment. How could this be possible? Because of You! Our friends, with your prayers and provision, have moved the hand of God in great power. Together, we have made such miracles for

October Newsletter

  Merry Christmas to all of our Orphans, Widows, Workers, and Pastors… I know that it is a little bit early to think about Christmas. But here we are, preparing a 40-foot container filled with humanitarian goods and practical things such as medical, food, clothing, tents, tarpaulin, and hundreds of specially prepared gift boxes for our orphans, as we share Christmas Dinners in different locations. And we always share the glad story of the birth of our Savior, and give an

August Newsletter

  It was July of 2004 when a young child was found in a trash pile outside Hope Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti. This desperate mother was not desiring to hurt her child, but she was in a land of extreme poverty, and she knew our workers would find this beautiful little girl and give her HOPE. We cherished this precious gift, who would never know her biological mother. We named her Melissa, and today she is a beautiful teenager who is