December Newsletter

Christmas Container Arriving in Haiti!

Just in time for our traditional Christmas Dinners for Orphans, Widows, and Street
Children will be held through December and January. Our Haitian helpers are now making full preparations to serve several thousand Orphans, Widows, and Street Children – in what would be our 53rd Annual Christmas Celebrations. Many of you know my late wife, Mary started this outreach all those years ago. She had a real burden for the children. And I want to continue to honor her in continuing these special events. We extend these events through the month of January to allow our faithful workers from Orphanages and Schools to be with their families during the Holidays. These large gatherings will occur in at least 10 different locations. Special thanks to all the individuals and groups who provided many gifts and toys for these children.


As you know, Global Missions is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Ministry, so if you have given cash donations or humanitarian goods for the Year 2017, a CERTIFIED TAX DEDUCTIBLE STATEMENT OF GIVING will be sent to you by the 16th of January… If you receive one and there is any discrepancy or change that needs to be made… Please let us know and we will be happy to modify it. Any final checks or donations for the year must be postmarked by or before December 31st, 2017. If you do not receive one, please notify us immediately. Mistakes do happen and we endeavor to credit you accurately for each contribution you have gladly given to this ministry of compassion. Rev Manning collecting “Toys for Haitian Tots” “Going Home” My brother, Billy J. Manning, age 80 years from Crane, Missouri, spoke to us at his bedside and he said, “I’m going home.” He truly knew and was ready for his homegoing, because at 6:55 am, Tuesday, November 7th he went to his heavenly home, where he would be greeted by
Jesus, his Savior, and all the hosts of heaven, including his loved ones who have passed. He has now embraced his loving wife, Bessie, and his infant son who proceeded him. Billy was the last of our 10 siblings which were born to Mother and Dad Manning. He jokingly would tell us that “God saved the best for last!” He indeed was most special to all who knew him.
He said he wished to live to his 80th birthday. And God gave him that desire… Only one week beyond that day and the Lord took him. He and his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a host of friends shall miss him greatly. It was an honor for myself and my son-in-law, Rusty Mayfield, to participate in his celebration service. He leaves behind three wonderful children, and a lasting legacy of love that he had for family and the people he met.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us
our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
– 1 John 1:9

Thanks to brother Ray, I now have a cap and a scripture, which reveals I am forgiven.’ This cap draws a lot of attention and gives me an opportunity to testify. I wish the whole world could declare with faith that they are forgiven of all sins.

150 New Students!
We now have 150 new students in Carrefour who are now attending and being educated, and they get lots of Bible, which will help them through life. This is good news as

Haiti has two-thirds of the population under the age of sixteen years. And we are anxious for everyone to come to know Jesus Christ. These children sing and praise God several hours daily, and their faces are so bright and shiny with their new found faith
and the education they are receiving. JEREMIE CRUSADE SUCCESS! This week I have returned again from some of the greatest meetings for Pastors in daily leadership conferences, and also great crowds in evangelistic evening services. Due to the
magnificent and powerfully anointed preaching of Brother Mike Hardin and Ray Ross, who has a powerful testimony
of deliverance. These brothers in Christ truly moved the people and moved the Pastors in every service. Pastors fell
on their knees, dedicating themselves to God. And many were ministered to for divine healing. We all 3 worked as a team, with honor and respect and then in the evening services, the church at Jeremie was strengthened, blessed and encouraged in
the Lord. May God Bless each of you who have supported these crusades. A large number of Pastors from the mountains and the hill country were blessed with Rice, and each was given a 28 pound of long grain Cajun rice. They were extremely happy as they departed from our convention.

Your friend,

Always, Brother Max Manning