A Little About Mother Mary

In Honor Of A Loving Saint

Early in Mary’s travel to the developing nations, and seeing the extreme poverty, so many widows, so many thousands of children who were orphans…her heart was deeply moved by compassion for the “have not’s”. Along with her husband, Rev. Max Manning, she expressed a desire to have a special day in various areas for a children’s and widows Christmas Celebration. She would assist in preparing and serving a wonderful meal. And she was pleasantly surprised at the reception, as she would tell the Christmas Story about Jesus, and His love for them. Annually, hundreds of children and widows would give their hearts to Jesus. And Mary was greatly blessed with tears at this response. She had a real heart for the children. Mary has been promoted to heaven, thank you Lord for lending us this choice gift of Mary while on earth”. She always brought gifts as well as food. We were blessed to have worked along side with Marry Manning, and honor her for her love, commitment, and service. Thank you Mary!

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