November Newsletter

God is Our Sufficiency!

To me, it is both exciting and amazing that such a small, though efficient, missions organization has been able to dis-
patch a total of 10 forty foot high cube humanitarian containers, which are loaded with a variety of life-saving goods, including food, clothing, bedding, and medical equipment. How could this be possible? Because of You! Our friends, with your
prayers and provision, have moved the hand of God in great power. Together, we have made such miracles for Jesus, and for
the good of His suffering ones. We have seen the promises of God’s Word. And I have visualized some of you committed to
intercessory prayer. You have learned to intercede during times of crisis, and we simply would not be able to accomplish this without your prayers. Shown here are some that were helped by the medical equipment donated to our ministry, which is now in use in the clinics we support. It is you who have helped provide this life-saving equipment. It is you who have enabled precious mothers and babies such as this to have a chance at life.

Through the supervision of our dear doctor friend, Dr. George Herve’, who willingly serves the people with the equipment that we send to Haiti. And he does so at no charge when the people have no money. The promises of God to those who pray should be enough to excite every one of us to seek the Lord and claim the rich spiritual benefits from Him who is our sufficiency… With the needs so great, and our desire to help, we have exhausted all of our funds and we need a quick fix from those who can go the second mile in helping us ship and distribute these life-saving goods to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. I am asking only those who are led by God and who are able to please join with me as we do represent some urgent needs. I know I can count on you because we have a long-time record of serving together and I would share with you the words of Jesus… “In as much as you have done it to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me.” May God richly bless and reward you for every sacrifice, because He is counting on us to finish the task. In closing, shown above are pictures that represent a huge load of medical equipment and supplies now in use, where already people are benefitting greatly. May God Bless you, always.

Rev. Max L. Manning

2 Timothy 3:16-17 16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” We can purchase
these beautiful New Testaments and Psalms (in Creole) and place it in a Haitian home for only $3 dollars each. God’s Word will produce balance in our life and cause us to be thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Many people have never been established with this balance because they have never had God’s word. Last week in Haiti, we gave out many such Bibles, and they were joyfully received. Can you please help us purchase more Bibles? If you choose, a complete, leather-bound Bible with concordance is only $9.00 dollars. It is important to equip new believers with this life manual. A Word from the Missionary back from his field of service…It has been my great honor to again make a successful mission trip to Haiti this month, where our Brothers in Christ were dispatched to three different areas. We shared the Gospel, fed the hungry, and gave encouragement in the Lord with many Pastors and church officials to provide a fresh vision for spiritual growth and practical and spiritual tools in which to accomplish their tasks… We saw many churches which we have planted and established through the years, and each one of them is showing real growth. Every pastor wants his church to grow. And grow primarily by conversions. All with whom
I met and shared with gave evidence that God was moving and helping reap the harvest. No finer champion has ever
joined me more so than Pastor Pat Franks from Big Stone Gap, Virginia. We ate together, traveled together, shared
the same room and prayed together… And pastors and others often commented on how well we teamed up together
in sharing the Gospel. Daily we shared at Mirebalais in the mountains of Haiti… Then on to Los Cahobas, 30 miles
deeper into the field, and finally returning to ministry in Port-au-Prince. Pat had the privilege of assisting in loading much-needed items for Jeremie – where last year’s hurricane had caused such devastation. Yvrose Pierre-Alexander, director of our work in that area, came to receive these life helping goods. We also visited Hope Orphanage, it was a delight to see the children there and see our buildings are clean, newly painted, and 150 new students for school have been added.
These will be future champions of the Lord. Daily, they are memorizing scripture, singing and praising God. And you and I are helping to sustain them physically. Our work at Jeremie, which we assisted in planting more than 40 years ago, shows great promise and Chris Hines and Nathan Snowbarger challenged the ministry in that area. They were set on fire for God. We have many reasons for hope for the future of all of our ministry in Haiti and have more to share with you next month. In fact, by the time you read this, our huge 40-foot container has launched out. It includes all manner of humanitarian goods and 4 tons of rice, and perhaps as many as 1,000 gifts for orphans, widows, and street children who have no parents and no covering. We will be having some wonderful celebrations, where 100’s will be challenged to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior… Mostly this is due because of your care and your love. May God continue to hold us all close to his heart so that His divine love is shed everywhere.