Thank You For Allowing Me The Honor

Brother Manning,

First, I want to Thank you for allowing me the honor of going to Haiti with you in January.  I can say I have never met a more kind, gentle and giving person than you.  I am so glad God gave me this opportunity to meet you and serve in his kingdom work with you.  Your joy and love for the Haitian people is hard to put into words.  I believe it is something that has to be experienced and seen rather than put into words.  I admire your sacrifice and your work … and couldn’t help but already be in awe of the crown you will receive when you get to heaven.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trip, but I soon realized this was a trip appointed to me by God.  I remember vividly the moment God put missions in my heart.  I was a senior in high school and I had responded to an altar service at the church my dad was pastoring at the time.  We had a revival and I remember going to the altar and God spoke to my heart and I knew at that moment he gave me a burden to help others and a  desire for mission work.  So, that was in 1993,  all of these years I have always kept that tucked away in my heart and waited for my opportunity to serve where God sent me.  I took many wrong turns in my journey but God was always so faithful and he waited for me to return to him so he could direct my path.  With that being said he sent me to Haiti with my dad and your team.  I have a hard time putting this trip into words.  I told dad and many that have asked about this trip… I tell them. It’s really too sacred to put into words….how do you put what you feel from the holy spirit into words…how do you tell people about this when it really isn’t something our mind can comprehend but rather our heart and spirit connect with?  What I can say is this trip changed me!  I want to serve my God and I want to make sure to be that light in the world people can see in the dark places in their life.   I learned to have faith in him.  I just thought I had faith but in America, we always have a plan B and plan C… these ladies I ministered to and showed me what faith really is!  They do not have the option of a backup plan.  Their plan is and has always been having Faith and believing God.  I desire that kind of faith.  If we as the church and Christians had the faith of these people we would see mountains moved and miracles before our eyes.  I can wait to return and visit with my new lady friends!  I took more from these sweet people that I left with them.  I went hoping to be a blessing but in return, I was the one blessed.

Aron Pagan, LPN, CDP

Education Specialist



Thank You For Allowing Me The Honor

Aron Pagan