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Global Missions Ministries was founded by the Reverend Max and Mary Manning in 1952, dedicated to church planting and crusades at home and abroad… Today, that mission continues in Haiti, where numerous churches, orphanages and medical clinics have been built and many lives transformed through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Feeding The Poor

Empty stomachs hurt. They break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Giving food is essential to creating health. Haiti is currently in a food crisis, with the World Food Program reporting that food supply covers only 55% of the population. Countless innocent children are suffering without the food they need to survive. Your support helps provide nutrition for many orphans and children who would otherwise go hungry.

Church Planting

Grounded in the Gospel, Global Missions is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission as described in Mark 16:15-18. Working together with local churches while also planting local churches, to bring life transformations to the people of Haiti. Your donation helps provide tools for local pastors and community leaders to better serve their own communities with Bible and literature distribution, Leadership Seminars for Pastors, Church leaders, and Youth workers. Inspiring hope through the gift of salvation.


There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. Orphanage support is one of the most crucial aspects of our ministry. Your donation helps ensure that children do not go hungry, that they have a bed, clothing, medical checkups and have access to clean water. Assisting Orphanages and their abilities to care for children effectively is at the heart of our mission. Global Missions has worked with great effort and care to help as many orphans get the proper needs and love that they deserve.

About Our Founder

Max has worked on the Island nation of Haiti in the West Indies for the Past 58 years – establishing churches, orphanages, trade schools, medical clinics and most recently establishing training seminars for pastors and church workers throughout Haiti and Africa.

FOR HIS GLORY | Written By Rev. Max Manning

Several stories in this inspiring read talk of miracles performed before the eyes of the narrator, Reverend Max Manning, which would help you strengthen your faith in God. One such example of a supernatural miracle is the story of Kathryn, who miraculously returns to life after being pronounced dead, showcasing the power of prayer. Throughout the unfolding of powerful testimonies of healing, you’ll also find unforgettable stories of trauma, abuse victims, and those searching for Christ as they are ministered to with compassion. Reverend Manning has taken brave trips to India to convert Hindus to Christianity and explores risky circumstances many have faced.

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